Things you can incorporate in your beauty salon to increase your clientele

Beauty salons are the epicenter of fashion and style. However, before you start giving makeovers to people, you may want to consider giving your salon one first. Most customers are attracted to the appearance and interior design of a salon before they concern themselves with the service. Beauty salons especially are most vulnerable to this sequential judgment. After all, isn’t the entire point of a beauty salon to transform your appearance into something that exudes beauty and finesse? How good can the service be if they cannot even design their salon right?

Elegant use of lighting

Beauty salons

The first impression is the last impression. And there is no better way to start off strong then with proper lighting. Your lighting setup is the first thing clients notice when they walk in. Hence, it is essential to get this detail right. Firstly, warm lights are much better than white lights. These lights will put your clients at ease, and help all parts of your setup blend more naturally together.

Simple full length mirrors instead of small decorative ones


One key aspect that is reiterated in all staff training sessions is to keep it about the client. And this is where full length mirrors come into play. Install frameless full length mirrors that will let clients appreciate their new look in all its glory.

Massage chairs

Massage chairs

Beauty salons are the epitome of customer service. So, always expect your clients to be meticulous in how they perceive your establishment. However, they will only search for faults if they have nothing else to do. One good technique to keep criticism at bay is to give your clients something to do or something to enjoy and massage chairs are just the thing for that. They help keep clients away from distractions and at peace, while saving your valuable time to tend to other clients or wrap up a few housekeeping affairs.

Sofas and glass tabletops


Of course, you cannot have massage chairs for all your clients. A fancy leather sofa set coupled with glass tables is a wonderful addition to any lobby and is a great way for serving new offers to your clients in the form of brochures or flyers neatly stacked on the tabletops. You can also place a decorative glass bowl filled with mints or artificial flower pots on the table to liven the mood. These areas are also a great place for clients to interact with each other and discuss their plans for the day while they wait for their turn. Make sure you have enough space to move around freely after adding this sofa set; otherwise, it may make your salon seem crowded and dingy.

Colorful wall art

wall art

A great place to publicly demonstrate your creative potential and palette is to paint it on the walls. All clients will notice it as they walk in and nothing sets the mood for a makeover like a beautifully decorated wall. Pick something that looks lively and vibrant like flowers or butterflies. Not only are these universal representatives of natural beauty, but you can paint them with any mix of adequate colors and they will still look beautiful. This gives you the perfect opportunity to strike out and dictate the type of fashion your salon represents and will be the type your clients expect when they enter.

Let’s Wrap Up!

There are several other things you can do, but incorporating these ideas is an excellent way to get started without undergoing any major construction. It may seem odd seeing how simple improvements like these can completely turn your salon around, but you need to understand that it is how well these things synchronize with each other is what really matters. We hope this article made a difference and helped your beauty salon exude the same passion in beauty that you stand for.

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