The Amazing Sanitizing Lamps for Luxury Hotels for Spending the Most Comfortable Nights

One of the most talked-about decorative pieces these days is the Himalayan salt night light lamps. Apart from being a luxurious decorative piece, Himalayan lamps have a lot of health benefits too.  That is why they are becoming a popular choice for luxury hotel rooms and other spaces as well.

However, what exactly are Himalayan salt lamps? And do they deliver what they claim?

Let’s find out.

What are the Himalayan salt lamps?

Khewra Salt Mines, situated in Pakistan, are rich in Himalayan salt. After mining big chunks of Himalayan salt from the salt mine, their center is carved out. A light bulb is then placed at the carved out place that acts as a heat and light source. The salt is naturally pink. The reason is believed to be the high concentration of minerals present in the salt. This is why the Himalayan salt lamps emit pink light when they are turned on.

How do Himalayan salt lamps work?

It is suggested that Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions in the air to deionize electromagnetic radiations and improve the quality of air. However, there is no research or evidence behind this claim. The lamp, however, provides a soothing ambiance and sleeping environment.

What are the features of a Himalayan salt lamp?

They are Hygroscopic

Salt crystals are hygroscopic- they absorb water molecules from the air. If you do not light your Himalayan salt night light lamps for extended periods, they will start getting wet. That is why small light bulbs are housed inside them. The light bulbs produce heat, and consequently, the salt lamps remain dry.

They balance electromagnetic radiation

A lot of everyday appliances in your home, such as cell phones, televisions, tablets, and computers, release positive ions in the air consistently. Mixed with other electronics, they can cause the electromagnetic radiation to overflow.

Although electromagnetic radiations are not visible, under continuous exposure, it can cause fatigue, weaken the immune system and increase stress. It is claimed that Himalayan salt lamps cancel out positive ions by releasing negative ions in the air. This process reduces artificial frequencies present in the air.

They purify the air

A lot of people have started using the Himalayan salt night light lamps in their offices or homes. These lamps are specifically beneficial to those people who are allergic to dust, insect droppings, and other allergies.

The airborne water molecules in the air around us trap dust, insect droppings, and other allergens. These airborne water molecules are then attracted to the salt lamp and even stick on the surface of the salt lamp. Finally, the heat coming from the bulb dries the water molecule and this way, the allergens trapped in the water stick to the salt lamp.

They promote better patterns

One of the health issues related to extended exposure to positive ions is the reduction of the brain’s blood and oxygen supply. Because of this, a person may not be able to sleep better. The negative ions the salt lamps emit are known to reverse this effect. That is why a lot of people who have irregular sleeping patterns use Himalayan salt lamps. Additionally, people have also started using them for children, making salt lamps extremely safe to use around children. Just to be safe, don’t let a child hold one of these lamps.

Reduce stress and tension

night light lamps

Most of the time, Himalayan salt night light lamps are placed in areas where tension and stress are high. Some of these places include a meeting room and reception areas. However, they are not confined to just these areas. Salt lamps can be used anywhere you want for healthy living.

Shapes Himalayan salt lamps are available

candle holder

Due to popular demand, manufacturers have started getting creative. They now produce Himalayan salt lamps in multiple shapes so they can cater to a wide range of people. Following is the list of shapes Himalayan salt lamps come in:

  • Natural shape: The natural shape is the most popular shape of Himalayan salt lamps. Since this shape represents the salt in its most basic form, a Himalayan mountain, people prefer this decent and simple look.
  • Cubic shape:  People who prefer the sense of peacefulness, serenity, and calmness use the Himalayan salt lamp in a cubic shape as the cube contains all these properties. 
  • Cylinder shape salt lamp: An amazing shape to complement the overall look of a room.
  • Cylinder metal shape: Small chunks of Himalayan salt are placed inside a metal cylinder basket lamp, making it an excellent aesthetic piece.
  • Heart-shaped: People gift the heart-shaped Himalayan salt lamps to their loved ones. They are especially popular among children.

Whether you want to use the Himalayan salt night light lamps as a decorative piece or for their several health benefits, opting for them is a wise decision. It is a perfect solution for those who are looking for an eco-friendly solution to brighten up their homes with good sleep at night.  

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