Ideas to Decorate Teenage Girls’ Rooms with Memorable Photos by Using Plexiglass

Even though most of us grew up with traditional glass photo frames with metal or wood finishes, acrylic glass picture frames have changed the way we can display photos.

Plexiglass is a thermoplastic known as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). It is not only hard and flexible, but also much lighter than glass; it doesn’t break into shards, and provides clarity and protection. Acrylic is also recyclable.

This is the perfect material for small frames or to cover large areas of wall space with photos. It is also used to protect photos and artwork in homes and galleries.

Why use Plexiglass for displaying memorable photos on the wall?

Teenage Girls

Teenage girls love to take photos and display them in their rooms on photo walls. Photos can be mounted in various ways, and one of the most popular is to place them on walls with double-sided tape.

However, even though double sided-tape usually does quite a good job of keeping the photos up initially, after a while this starts to lose its grip. Also, the photos are not protected from dust, the curious fingers of younger siblings, or even spills.

Once the photos are arranged, a good solution is to create a protective wall with acrylic glass protection. This will preserve the memorable photos from any damage while they are on display. No matter the size of the wall the photos are to be displayed on, and sometimes girls choose quite a few areas in their rooms to display them, you can cut various sheets of plexiglass to protect each area. Because it is easy to cut, lightweight, and shatter-resistant, it is easy to transport and place over photos.

Organize in different categories of moments

Photo collages

Photo collages of different memories can create a beautiful teen girl’s room. These can be organized in different categories around the room. Some examples of categories: caring moments, emotional moments, first birthday, family moments, fun times, holidays, etc.

Areas that can be used to create these photo walls can include:

  • Above the desk
  • Instead of a headboard above a bed
  • On the wall space around and above the bedroom door or closet space
  • On a corner wall with the photos spreading out from both walls
  • Create a huge wall clock with 12 favorite photos

Use text pictures for notes

Photos taken from smartphones and digital cameras are easy to edit. It is also easy to add text to pictures to make them more interesting. Whenever your daughter’s friends or family visit, they will have hours of fun reading about those moments, recalling the times when the photos were taken, and giggling over things that happened then. 

Text can be written on or below photos by hand, but for some more creative teenagers who have access to software and a printer there are quite a few options they can use:

  • Text over image
  • Making the text part of the image
  • Putting the text in a box
  • Adding text into the background
  • Or creating a space below the photo to add text to

Several acrylic sheets to complete the photo

You can get very creative with large photos too. If you have a large image from a photoshoot or special occasion, you may want to display it as a centerpiece on one of the walls of a girl’s room. The photo can be expanded and cut into three or four images to be framed with plexiglass and displayed on the wall together in a creative way. This helps create an interesting photo and makes it a special feature above her bed or on another wall in her room.

Benefits of acrylic for framing photos

acrylic for framing photos

Glass has ceased to be the best option for preserving photographs. Many people don’t realize that glass is not clear because it has iron content that gives it a green tint. The tint does affect the clarity and color of the picture it frames.

Untreated glass also offers no UV protection for your photos. This allows damaging UV rays through the glass that ultimately causes fading of your photos over time. Even glass with UV protection loses the ability to protect your photos eventually because this is applied to the surface of the glass and it fades.

Plexiglas is an insulator and helps protect photos from condensation damage. It is an optically superior material to glass because it has optical purity. Acrylic for framing can also be created to prevent light glare and all photos are also protected from UV penetration. These features are incorporated into the Plexiglas product, and they continue to offer their protection for years because they cannot break down as easily as they do in glass.

Acrylic for framing is available in Standard, Non-Glare, UV-Filtered, and UV-Non-Glare, and you can choose the type that best suits your framing needs.

Caring for acrylic frames

Acrylic is more sensitive to scratching than glass, so always clean it with a microfiber cloth.

Bottom Line

The reduced weight of acrylic makes it the perfect material to cover large surfaces of artwork and photos. It protects them from UV damage and offers clarity and reduced glare.

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