Designing Your Small Shop to Look Bigger and Brighter

The typical city shop, lined with warm-toned bricks and friendly signs, is the hallmark of American life. These little stores are full of delights, but the space within them is often limited or reduced. There are several easy ways to help your shop feel and look bigger than it truly is, and thus be more inviting to certain customers. Capitalize on the area within your small shop with these helpful ideas about lighting and space décor.

Floor Design Planning Based on Different Focal Points

Focal points are used in stores to direct traffic to important items on display. By using proper lighting and mirror techniques, you can create a beautiful flow through your shop to urge customers toward your most important items. Furthermore, the mirrors will capture the lighting and cast it over the items, providing a natural spotlight.

Focal points at the center of the walls on either side of the entrance will direct customers to walk the perimeter of your shop and browse many displays as they pass through. Pull the attention toward these areas to build up the appeal of your displays. Customers will then head toward the center or rear center of your store, which is best saved for the main attraction. Here, place a large, frameless mirror on the back wall to reflect the surrounding space and displays. The resulting optical illusion will have customers feeling like the room is twice as large. And, coupled with natural lighting, the mirrors will work together to open the entire space.

Tempered Glass Storefront – Safer and Steadier Choice

Tempered glass is a special type of glass that does not shatter when broken. Instead, this glass is temperature treated to be stronger and more durable than regular glass. That way, if the glass happens to break, it won’t chip away into dangerous shards that could injure someone. The glass creates a mesh locking pattern that prevents tiny pieces from falling apart completely. In a high traffic area, such as a shop, these glass options are safer and more stable than plain glass.

Aside from being a safer option for a business window, tempered glass storefronts are wonderful at letting ample light into your shop. By allowing natural sunlight to shine down into your store, the dark and small areas will brighten and visually expand. These spots would normally draw the walls closer and cause the customer to feel like the space is more intimate and restricted.

Incorporate large mirrors on the walls

Mirrors are a great addition to any room or store due to their versatile designs. There are endless options for mirror décor, with fashion options ranging from simple to modern, to elaborate and eclectic. Frameless mirrors are sleek and clean, offering maximum lighting with minimal occupancy. These types of mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering style to any type of store.

In a small space, adding large mirrors can help to reflect light and enhance the shadowy parts of the room. These darker areas may otherwise give the feeling that the walls are actually closer than they truly are. Frameless mirrors sit on the wall without drawing too much attention, all while giving the impression that there’s another space yet to be discovered.

Choose cabinets & shelves wisely for space saving yet catchy displays

Incorporating cabinets and shelving in your small store is essential to improving space. Some shelving choices, such as slatwall, sits snug against the wall to keep products and displays as clean and organized as possible. The items featured on a slatwall are hung with clips to further keep the space tidy. Gridwall is equally useful, hanging items in grid-like displays as opposed to slats.

Choosing glass shelving and cabinetry is another brilliant idea for manipulating small areas. Glass allows light and objects to be seen clearly and as though there isn’t a shelf present at all. The cabinet tops in your shop can utilize glass counters so that the items within are present and able to catch the natural light from the room. 

Choosing Appropriate Rugs and Floor Mats

The area within a small room can appear to widen with the use of proper flooring. Adding a floor mat with a pattern that stretches from one side to the other can greatly lengthen your small space. The use of stripes, designs that extend lengthwise, and shapes that are linear, will enhance the overall expanse of the store.

Place your rug or floor mat lengthwise so that the pattern runs lengthwise along the smaller width of the room. This optical illusion will make customers think your store is roomier than it really is. In addition to the open natural lighting and the glass displays, your shop will feel and appear larger than ever before.

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