5 Most Applications of Antique Mirrors

Are you looking for ideas to spruce up your home interior? Do you want a vintage charm that complements the modern appeal of your place? Antique mirrors make the job easier for you and bring an aesthetic charm to the space. 

If you have the impression that antique mirrors are only for tabletops and decorative purposes, you might be wrong. In this blog, we are sharing some amazing ways to use antique mirrors in your home. 

Maintenance-free Kitchen Backsplash

Starting with the most used place area in the house: The kitchen. We often ignore it in terms of decoration, but it holds great capacity for décor and unique details. We are used to the painted and tiled backsplashes, so it’s time for a change. Antique mirrors create an attractive look in the kitchen.
The kitchen backsplash is a great idea to use antique mirrors. It gives a cool look to the countertop. The reflection of light on the mirror creates a unique look and the boring kitchen changes into an exciting place. You can use it behind the cooking range or other walls, wherever you feel like.
The best part is that the antique mirror kitchen backsplash is maintenance-free. It doesn’t show the spots and stains because of its textured look. So, bring a twist to your traditional kitchen and love the new look.

Classic Ceiling décor

Do you know how creative ceilings take the room to another level? If you add some decorative elements on the ceilings, it will catch everyone’s attention instantly. Anything works better than sheet of antique mirror on the ceiling. 

The bold, rustic, and patterned mirrors offer a distinctive look. Surround the ceiling chandeliers with some geometric shaped mirrors and let the light reflection perform its magic. This new addition will enhance the brightness and give a classic charm to the place.

The antique mirror ceiling amps up the style quotient of the room. Consider decorating the ceiling in the hallway for a remarkable first impression. Otherwise, dining areas and living rooms are nice options to show your love for ceiling décor with antique mirrors. 

Dressing table

Are you looking for ideas to style up your princess room? An antique mirror is the best solution to add glamour and creativity to the cute room. You can never go wrong with it. 

The stunning antique vanity mirror is an evergreen idea that looks good forever. Moreover, it blends well with the girlish room interior and becomes the focal point. Apart from grabbing attention, it exudes a vintage look that stands out from other elements on the dressing table. 

You can get the custom cut antique mirrors to suit the shape of the frame. Otherwise, you can go for frameless mirrors. Decorate it with LED lights in the corner, so that the antique mirrors pop out. 

Large headboard in bedroom

A bedroom has a lot of room for decoration. Have you ever thought about adding an antique mirror headboard to map up the look of your glamorous bedroom? If you haven’t, it’s time to bring this change. 

You can choose anything for a headboard ranging from a large oversized mirror, a bunch of small mirrors, or vintage mirrors. Not only does it look stunning, but also gives you an illusion of a larger space. The mirrored headboard reflects the room, which makes it appear wider. 

An antique mirror headboard is a nice solution if you have a cozy bedroom and you like a bigger space. It won’t be wrong to say that it gives a fairytale impression if used for the headboard, while the vintage look hooks everyone’s attention.   

Classic Hotel walls with antique framed mirrors 

Whether you talk about hotels or restaurants, antique framed mirrors make their place everywhere. Imagine the entrance wall of a hotel adorned with a classic antique framed mirror. It would look so welcoming and leave a classy vibe on the visitors.  

Other than this, hotel guest rooms are a nice place to put antique mirror frames on the walls. You can place a big mirror above the headboard. Otherwise, you can complement it with other accessories or decoration pieces in the room. 

Another idea is to incorporate different sizes of antique mirrors in the hotel lobby, which connects various rooms. You can also dedicate a complete wall for antique mirror art. The puzzled arrangement will create an exceptional vibe when placed on the hotel walls. 

The rustic and contemporary mirrors paired with gorgeous frames leave a stunning impression and take the décor game to another level.

Coming to the next part, which is: Where to buy?

Where to buy a genuine-looking antique mirror?

Now that you know the best applications of antique mirrors, you can plan everything accordingly. However, it is essential to know where to get a high-quality mirror.

Fab Glass and Mirror provides excellent quality antique mirrors with free home delivery throughout the USA. They deal with custom size and different frames, so you have a wide variety of options to choose the best fit for your requirements. 


To sum it up, it is safe to say that antique mirrors are a beautiful addition to an ordinary-looking space. Whether it’s your kitchen, bedroom, or hotel, these mirrors have an amazing nature to blend well in any space. 

While they take the décor sentiment to another level, the reflection also lets in light and gives the appearance of a bigger room. We are truly impressed with the amazing benefits of these mirrors. Order your favorite piece soon and enjoy the elegant and pleasing vibe. 

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