Coffee Table Design Ideas for Your Restaurant That Would Amaze your Clients

Table seating in restaurants is not just restricted to dining areas, it also creating a welcoming reception area, which allows your guests to enjoy a cocktail as they wait for their table seating.

On the other hand, coffee shops offer two types of seating areas for their customers. One is with higher tables and chairs for those who want to work or enjoy a meal, and lounging areas for those who want to enjoy a laid-back coffee and chat with friends.

In any situation, providing the correct coffee table design creates an ambiance that matches the rest of your establishment. Choosing the right coffee table is as important as choosing every other element in the design and management of your restaurant and coffee shop.

Mermaid Coffee Tables for Restaurant Outdoor Seating

Coffee table

Mermaid Coffee Tables are ideal for a classy and luxurious restaurant. Their elegance and luxury do not detract from their functionality, and they enhance any space they are chosen for with their modern elements.
Their futuristic design and materials offer durability. The base is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), and the glass top is made from toughened tempered glass to prevent shattering and staining. The glass top is available in 3/8-inch thickness.
The tables are available in a red, white, and black base and their size is L 45” x W 27.5” x H 17.7”, while custom sizes are also available.

Stylish Oval Shaped Coffee Table for Indoor Sitting in Restaurant

For an even bolder contemporary feel, the Stylish Oval Glass Coffee Table makes a great addition to the indoor seating of any establishment. The coffee table has two different glass designs, and these come with three-color variants that can blend in or contrast any décor.
The base of the designs is made with MDF in red, black, or white. You can either choose clear tempered glass on all the glass surfaces, or you can opt for the design with back painted borders colored in the same color as the base.
The size of these stylish oval coffee tables is L43.5” x W 25.5” x H 16”.

Wave-like Orange-based Coffee Table for Restaurant with Orange Logo

If you have an orange logo or are using orange as a contrasting color in your business, then the Wave Elegant Glass Coffee Table is the design for a restaurant that wants a fresh modern look.

The base of the table resembles a wave and looks like a calligraphic M. The beautiful orange base is topped with an 8 mm tempered glass in an oval shape and polished edges.

The dimensions of the table are L 23 ½” x W 43” and H 16 ½”.

Teardrop Side Table for a VIP Guest or Client

If you want to offer your VIP guests or clients their own side table as they dine or enjoy their coffee or cocktail, then the Teardrop Side Table is just perfect.
The contemporary design of the base is in a teardrop shape and is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) that is far stronger than wood. Available in red, black, and white, this versatile side table can match the décor of your modern business, office, or home.
On top of the base, the round tempered glass is durable and strong with a thickness of 3/8”, and an 18” diameter. It has a flat polished edge. The table is 21” high.

Noguchi Style Coffee Table for Friends and Family Gatherings

The Noguchi Style Coffee Table is a contemporary coffee table with Eastern design influences. The sleek design of its base is of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), a composite material which makes it ideal for interior and outdoor areas.

The Noguchi has various design options, making it suitable for many design options. These include:

  • Red gloss color base with black glass top
  • Clear glass tops available with a black gloss, white gloss, brown gloss, or a black and white gloss base.

The glass of the coffee table is made with tempered glass with a flat polished edge and is 3/8” in thickness.

 The full dimensions of the table are L47” X W28” X H 16”.

Where to Buy These Stylish Coffee Tables?

Amazon are the manufacturers and distributors of glass products for homes, businesses, and commercial use.

Wrap Up!

Amazon are also the distributors of ready-made glass coffee tables that suit the interior design and purposes of your business, office, or home. This is where you can buy all the stylish coffee tables described above.

These high-quality coffee and side tables offer durability and style. Their bases are made from durable materials, and the tabletops are made from high-quality, clear tempered glass. Tempered glass does not shatter into dangerous shards, but breaks into pebble-like fragments. If it breaks no one can be injured, and the standards of the glass making process ensure that the glass is of the highest quality with no air bubbles.

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